Online Pediatrician Consultation In Chennai

Online Pediatrician Consultation In Chennai by Anexas Clinic is Taking care of a newborn can be overwhelming – especially if it’s your first. It can be very challenging especially in the early weeks when there are many worries and doubts. With growing nuclear families the parents find it difficult to understand the needs of the baby. We can help you understand your baby’s needs and provide practical tips. The common issues during the neonatal period are,

Holding :Your newborn’s neck muscles are not yet developed, so you will need to support her head whenever you pick her up. You should also support her head against your shoulder or with your opposite hand while carrying her.Most babies start to attain head control by 4 to 5 month of age

Bathing and Massage :Baby care after birth invariably involves bathing your baby, which is one of the biggest challenges for a new mom. The babies skin is very sensitive and may not tolerate massage and daily bathing. Massages can relax babies, improve their sleep patterns and calm them when they are irritable. Giving your baby a massage is also a great way to bond with her, but the type of oil and lotion does not matter as long is suits your child. Online Pediatrician Consultation In Chennai

Diaper Change and diaper rash :Many first-time parents are surprised at how many diapers their baby goes through in a day. Also, be prepared for nappy rashes as most children Keep your baby’s diaper area dry and apply diaper rash cream. It repels moisture and reduces friction on the skin, thereby providing complete protection. Online Pediatrician Consultation In Chennai

Comforting :Most babies cry for an average of 2 hours a day during the first 3 months. As shocking as it may be, it’s also normal.To comfort your baby, first try to determine the cause of your baby’s discomfort – hunger,gas,diaper,change,nap or is the your baby over-stimulated by noise, lights or activity.To help soothe a sleepy or over-stimulated baby, hold her on your shoulder while gently rocking her. Sing or speak softly to your baby—reassure her with your calm voice. Rubbing your baby’s back as you do so can also help calm her. Try different positions to find one that’s comfortable for both of you. Online Pediatrician Consultation In Chennai

Feeding :Nothing is better for your newborn baby than breast milk. Nutritionally speaking, it’s tailor-made for your infant. The cuddling that comes with nursing and feeding helps in building a strong, loving bond between you and your baby. Online Pediatrician Consultation In Chennai

Sleep :Your baby’s sleep patterns change as she grows up. The new born sleeps through a major part of the 24 hours, waking up often during both day and night.. As your baby grows up she starts to develop a more concrete night-time sleep routine with fewer daytime “naps.” You can help her with this by teaching her that night-time is for sleep, and not play

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Childhood Vaccinations:

Vaccines not only help keep your child healthy, they help all children fight serious childhood diseases.Vaccines have eradicated many serious childhood like Small pox many diseases like Polio, Tetanus rare today.

All childhood vaccinations are available at Anexas Clinic. We take proper care in maintaining the cold chain of the vaccine. The vaccines are procured directly from the dealer and storedin ILR according to the WHO guidelines. The clinic has 24*7 UPS back up also.

The vaccinations come in different types (pentavalent, monovalent, acelluar )and brands. These can be discussed with the doctor before immunisation of the child.

 IAP guidelines for childhood vaccination are given below


Every child gets sick from time to time. That’s because young children are exposed to many new germs (viruses or bacteria) and haven’t yet built up enough defences against them. The immunity slowly builds up as the child’s body fights these infections. When your child isn’t feeling well, you should know how to recognize the symptoms, how to provide relief to the child and when to consult a paediatrician.

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Common child Infections are:

Sore Throat: Sore throats are common in children and can be painful. However, a sore throat that is caused by a virus does not need antibiotics. In those cases, no specific medicine is required, but only paracetamol to control the pain and fever can be given to the child. Sips of warm water or gargles will also help your child should and he should get better in 5 to 7 day. In other cases, if a sore throat could be caused by an infection called streptococcal (strep throat) it is advisable to see the paediatrician for treatment.

Diarrhoea: Common in toddlers and infants. The child require plenty of fluids, ORS, rice water, Banana. Most cases respond to it and do not require more treatment. You should consult a paediatrician if the child is having high fever, vomiting persistently, lethargic, mucus and blood in stool.

Ear Pain: Ear pain is common in children and can have manycauses—including ear infection of the middle ear (otitis media), otitis externa(infection of the skin in the ear canal), pressure from a cold or sinusinfection, teeth pain radiating up the jaw to the ear. Most of the earinfections in the child follow after a upper respiratory infection. The childcan be given paracetamol drops orally in case of emergency and seen by thepaediatrician or an ENT specialist to see the severity of infection.

Urinary Tract Infections: Many cases of high grade fever in the child with chills can be due to a UTI. A UTI can be found in children from infancy through the teen years and into adulthood. Symptoms of a UTI include pain or burning during urination, the need to urinate frequently or urgently, bedwetting,abdominal or back pain, poor weight gain and fever in infants. UTI in children should not be taken lightly and consulted and properly treated.

Skin infections: Furunculosis, boils, fungal infections, atopic dermatitis, cellulitis are commonly seen in children. Another commonly seen skin eruptions are insect bite allergy, viral exanthematous fevers. Skin Infections in the child can be due improper hygiene, excessive sweating, day care and poor nutrition. Most eruptions settle with proper hygiene and moisturisation of the skin.

Bronchiolitis: This is common in infants during the cold and flu season. It is mostly caused by viruses and do not require antibiotics. The child is benefitted by giving steam inhalation, normal saline nebulisation and maintaining proper hydration. The child should be closely monitored and seen by the doctor if there is difficulty in breathing, signs of dehydration and lethargy

Common cold : Colds are caused by viruses in the upper respiratory tract. Many young children especially those in day care can get 6to 8 colds per year. Symptoms may last for up to ten days. No specific treatment except saline nose drops and steaming is needed. Green mucus in the nose does not automatically mean that antibiotics are needed. The paediatrician can be consulted if the child is having high fever, breathing difficulty,lethargy or rashes on the body.

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