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Loose stool or Diarrhea in children can occur due to indigestion, teething issues and infections. Most children with diarrhea can be treated at home and the main stay of treatment is to maintain the hydration of the child by giving him fluids like electoral water, ORS an coconut water. The parents should not panic for loose stool as the undigested food in the body of the child should come out of the body and any medicines to stop the stool in children are contra indicated. The fluid intake should be enough for the child to compensate the ongoing fluid loss due to loose stool. The warning signs in the child to visit a hospital.

  • Loose stool associated with persistent vomiting’s
  • High purge rate which can cause dehydration
  • Child is lethargic and is having cold extremities
  • Severe abdominal pain
  •  Blood in stool
  •  Less urine out put
  •  Loose stool continues for more than 3 days