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What should I do if my child is having fever? I would like to inform you that fever is just a response of your child to infection. First, record the child’s temperature with any thermometer you have at home. If it is more than 99 o F you give paracetamol to your child, you can refer to your child’s oldest prescription to see the paracetamol dosage to be given to the child. After giving paracetamol to the child wait as the medicine will take at least half to one hour for bringing the fever down. Check the temperature after half an hour of giving the medicine. If the temperature is increasing, you can sponge the child’s body. Sponging should be done with water at normal temperature.

Fever in the child can repeat after 4-6 hours, you can give the child paracetamol again whenever the child shows signs of fever.

Ensure the child takes enough fluids so that child doesn’t get dehydrated. If the child is active and feeding well there is no cause for worry. Warning signs that you should visit the doctor or hospital immediately.

  • Persistent vomiting
  • Child is dull and lethargic and not taking food
  • Fever continues for more than 3 days
  • Red rashes on the body
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Cold calmy extremities
  • Fever with excessive chills and rigors