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Excessive crying infant is reported in 14 to 30 percentage of infant up to 3 months. The most common of excessive crying in children is colic Other causes of excessive crying in the child can be Hunger, Wet diaper, Excessive gas, Infections, Fever, Teething, Nose block
An excessive crying infant should be offered feed as hunger is the most cause of crying in children. If the child does not accept feeds,

  • check the child’s temperature give the child paracetamol if the child is having fever.
  • if the child is having nose block use nasal drops
  •  if you cannot find any reason for child’s crying you can give simethicone drops to relieve colic pain.

Danger signs for which the infant should be taken to hospital.

  •  If the child is vomiting continuously
  • If the child is having high fever
  •  If the child is refusing to feed continuously
  •  If the child looks sick